I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 

"I can only imagine the relief from the sore tight muscles that my son must feel after receiving his weekly massage from Linda" Linda has been working with my son for over 2 years she not only helps releave the discomfort he endures daily from his cerebral palsy and spastic muscle tone she has become an important part of his healthcare team.
mother of a special needs adult son

I highly recommend Special Needs Message Therapy, As a nurse working with special needs adults I have found that there are many benefits to massage therapy. It helps with Sensory integration, social skills, pain, and muscle stiffness to name a few. Linda is very good with clients needs, very patient and has had great success with very challenged individuals.
Tammy, nurse for group homes

My wives care is the most important thing in the world to me and I consider her massages with Linda to be a very important part of not only her health care, but also for her well-being. I prefer my wife to get at least 2 massages a week as she is not able to move on her own. The circulation and the fact that it improves her immune system is detrimental in keeping her muscles from atrophying. Linda has become very close to my wife and knows her well even though my wife cannot speak. I trust my wife in Linda's hands and that is not something I say often.
Frank M.

Linda is very respectful of her client's special needs. They are so relaxed after a session with her, you just know that they enjoyed it.
Howie, group home worker 

Linda from Special Needs Massage is very intune to client needs while massaging them.  She seems to know what areas the special needs clients wants massaged even though they may have trouble expressing it.  She is compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and skilled in massage therapy and teaching clients and staff.  I would highly recommend her to anyone in need.
Rebecca Marcoccia, Rehab.Therapy Assistant, BAMSI

My son has stiff, tight muscles every day. Linda does a great job of loosening his muscles and relaxing him which helps his flexibility. I am very impressed with how professional she is and with her knowledge about massage.
mother of special needs son, Sheila M.

In addition to being an excellent massage therapist, Linda is very attuned to the unique requirements of those with special needs. My son is more relaxed and sleeps better after being massaged by Linda.
Joe I. Parent of a 19 year-old with special needs.